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Tournaments are for current Kid's Karate Club Students only.​

Your child will compete once or could compete multiple times depending on the amount of students that sign up for a 
division on the day of the tournament. 

For the best seats & parking always arrive early!

Competition is limited to the first 300 students that register.
Register Now! 

$45.00 per student for - EACH EVENT - (Sparring or Kata
$6.00 Spectator Pass - Applies to all parents & parent helpers 
even if you have a Karate uniform on the fees collected support 
the costs generated to host this special event.

{Children under 6 years of age no charge} 

  • 4, 5, & 6 years old
Check in time starts at - 9:00am
For 4,5,& 6 years old competitors only!
Sparring competition starts at 9:30a.m. - Sharp 

  • 7 years and older
Check in time starts at - 11:00a.m.
For 7 years and older competitors only!
Sparring competition starts at 11:30a.m. - Sharp! 

Students attending the tournaments must be a registered Karate Club Student at a present class location. 

Special Events:
Parent Helper Kata 
Under Rank Kata 
Black Belt Kata 
Black Belt Sparring and Kata
Competition starts at -10:30a.m. -Sharp! 

Tournament placement patches (Walking trophies) are placed on the right sleeve starting from the bottom up side by side or one on top each other going up the uniform right sleeve. 

Bring it to your first class back after the tournament and your Sensei will have a something to be proud moment with the complete class. 

All sales are final. ...No refunds will be given
Only a K K C credit can be given. The K K C Tournament is for ACTIVE K K C members only. 

Parent Helpers/Time keepers needed. 
If you would like to assist keeping time , please see a Sensei as soon as you arrive at the tournament. We could use your assistance!!!! 


Register Now: 

Email it into - or registration on line: 

This is the information we will need:
1. Students first & last name
2. Students age
3. Students rank belt color
4. Your Sensei's name & class location
5. What event you will be competing in, Sparring, Kata or both
6. If you e-mail in your registration by the Friday B-4 the tournaments-you will not pay a late fee at the door! 

This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it Karate Club call in number - 630-293-9989 or fax it to - 630-293-0494 

You can bring the payment & paper work to class or to the tournament you are attending. 

Check in at the front door on the day of the tournament. Please arrive early! 

If you paid online, please bring your payment receipt from your transaction on the day of the tournament as proof of payment. 

Spectator fees are to be paid the day of the tournament when signing permission form and community center waiver.

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NEW - The Selfie Booth at all Tournaments

The best selfie pic that's posted and tagged on our 
page can will a great KKC Gift Package

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Glendale Heights Sports Hub
Address: 250 Civic Centre Plaza, Glendale Heights, IL 60139

Tournament Dates:  
Sunday December 2nd 2018 

December 2nd  2018
The Glendale Heights Sports Hub
260 Civic Center Plaza
Glendale Heights, IL