Class Sparring Safety Pads:
It’s time to gear up for safety and move to the next level with internal 
strength and not being afraid of any challenges 

What is sparring in Karate Class?
Sparring is karate in action—the opportunity to apply techniques and strategies in spontaneous situations. It develops mobility, aim, distancing and control, and also builds endurance. We teach it to build courage and spirit in our students and to provide opportunities for them to study how they react under pressure.

Sparring / Kumite is also the sport of Karate where 2 trained competitors compete under the upmost of fairness in an organized and controlled environment 

When Should You Start Sparring?
Each dojo “Karate Class Location” has its philosophy when it comes to sparring, and most of the time, your Sensei will make you take part in a Kumite when he feels you have developed the necessary skills. It generally happens pretty early, within the first month or a couple of months. 

At first, you’ll be partnered up with seniors to guide you through the rules. These early sparring sessions will show you how to apply the techniques you’ve learned, depending on your opponent’s position.

What Gear Do You Need To Start Sparring?
Karate sparring gear is essential to start sparring safely. The goal of Karate sparring isn’t to injure your opponent, but to put the techniques you’ve learned into practice. We’ll focus on the gear needed in most sparring sessions, which is designed for hand-to-hand competition. 

Here’s the protective gear you’ll need before you start Kumite:
• Safety Head Gear
• Safety Hand Pads
• Safety Shin Pads
• Safety Feet Pads 
• See your class Sensei to order them or online at The Kids Karate Club Store at

🔸 Special exchange program: 
With a purchase of sparring pads from The Kids Karate Club program this entitles you to a one time only size exchange as your child outgrows the pads - The Hands & Feet only the the head gear is always provided larger at purchase because the child's head grow faster than their feet and hands 

The Special One Time Only Sparring Pad Exchange it's only validated with your proof of purchase so save your payment receipt information this is very important 
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