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This special event is for Kid's Karate Club Members only.  All participants must be registered at one of The Karate Club class locations to be ​eligible for the competition.

If a Karate Club Student finishes 1st through 3rd in the Sparring Competition, and 1st through 3rd in the Ninja Warrior Challenge, they will also win title of "ULTIMATE WARRIOR" and receive "The Ultimate Warrior Trophy!"

On Sunday, May 6th 2018 a Karate Club Student can win 3 Trophies

All Ninja Warrior Competitors will complete the ninja course twice (see picture to right).   Upon completing their second time through the course, they will be awarded a ninja metal.  The lowest time of the two runs, will be their score.  The three lowest times/scores in each age group will win a trophy which will be awarded at their class location and announced on Facebook the night of the tournament.   

In addition, students that compete in both sparring and the Ninja Warrior Competition, can earn the Ultimate Ninja Award.  (See details above)

Who will be the Ninja Warrior Champion in their division?
Sparring Competition
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The Kids Karate Club & Safety Time Programs INC
Sunday, May 6th 
The Glendale Heights Sports Hub
Glendale Heights, IL