The Original Kids Karate Club Programs established in 1990 
We empower all of our students with Confidence, Self-Esteem and LEADERSHIP 

Welcome to The Kid’s Karate Club & Safety Time Programs
There are many karate programs, but only one Kid’s Karate Club Program –

Kids Karate Club Programs (The School of Tomorrows Leaders) 
It's Time to invest in Leadership equity for your child 
Right here! - Right Now! with The Kids Karate Club

There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, generosity,and try harder at everything!
Teaching kids how to deal with STRANGERS & BULLIES - self-esteem and self-confidence - Is there best Defense you can prepare your child with for the challenges that lie ahead
A Child's Best Defense is Being Prepared
The Kids Karate Club &  SAFETY TIME PROGRAMS
DRESS CODE - with The KIDS KARATE Club Programs
A Black (With The Karate Club Official Logo Only) Uniforms are required to attend 
All Kids Karate Club Class Locations- New Students can purchase the official Karate Club Uniforms on our web site and from all class location supervisors at your class (Sorry there no exceptions)  - See More

If you should have questions about our uniform code please e-mail us at

SUNDAY - SUNDAY - We find out who are 
The Karate Club Spring Champions
** You need to be in it to win it! **

It's TROPHY TIME at The Karate Club Tournament of Champions is set for April 30th - In Naperville, Il

Check it out!
NEW - The Selfie Booth 
at Sundays Tournament
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