The Original Kids Karate Club Programs established in 1990 
We empower all of our students with Confidence, Self-Esteem and LEADERSHIP 

Welcome to The Kid’s Karate Club & Safety Time Programs
There are many karate programs, but only one Kid’s Karate Club Program –

Kids Karate Club Programs (The School of Tomorrows Leaders) 
It's Time to invest in Leadership equity for your child 
Right here! - Right Now! with The Kids Karate Club

There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, generosity,and try harder at everything!
Teaching kids how to deal with STRANGERS & BULLIES - self-esteem and self-confidence - Is there best Defense you can prepare your child with for the challenges that lie ahead
A Child's Best Defense is Being Prepared
The Kids Karate Club &  SAFETY TIME PROGRAMS
DRESS CODE - with The KIDS KARATE Club Programs
A Black (With The Karate Club Official Logo Only) Uniforms are required to attend 
All Kids Karate Club Class Locations- New Students can purchase the official Karate Club Uniforms on our web site and from all class location supervisors at your class (Sorry there no exceptions)  - See More

If you should have questions about our uniform code please e-mail us at

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Glendale Heights Sports Hub
Address: 250 Civic Centre Plaza, 
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

Tournament Dates:  
* Sunday December 2nd 2018 
SUPER HERO'S Tournament of Champions 2018
YES You can 
There's no challenge too big for a Karate Club Kid!
Become a Parent Helper in class with your child all you need is a Karate Club Programs Branded Uniform and there no charge for class it's Great Quality Time
Great Quality Time with your child
NO CLASS the week of 
July 2nd to the 6th at all class locations