Order a uniform:
A Kid Karate Club Uniform engages your child in the activities they are performing and encourages them to do better it’s a proven fact. 

New Students can purchase the official Karate Club Uniforms right here
There are uniforms and uniform packages available for those looking to save.

Online uniform orders are shipped to your home.  
In person uniform orders are delivered to your class location by your instructor.  

Based on when your order is placed, we will ship using the fastest method we can 
to try to get to you prior to your next class.  Please order early - allow a minium 
of 5 days prior to your class when placing your order.  

If you should have questions about uniforms, the fastest way to reach us is thru Facebook Messenger, then by email, and slowest via phone. 

Become a Parent Helper in class with your child all you need is a Karate Club Programs Branded Uniform and there no charge for class it's Great Quality Time
Great Quality Time with your child
There are no refunds. If you haven’t picked up your uniform/item, you can exchange it for another kids karate item or you can have a kids karate club credit that can be used for up to 2 years.

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